Presence, 24x20Dante, 14x11", Oil on LinenLily, 16x12", Oil on LinenGeorge, 16x16", Oil on LinenMabel, 24x18", Oil on LinenSylvia, 16x20", Oil on LinenTheia, 24x18", Oil on LinenNew Dawn/New Day, 28x24Last Bite, 20x30Interlude, 24x20Lolli, 24x18The Gift, 30x20Steinemann Girls, 18x24", Oil on LinenSunshine, 30x20", Oil on LinenMel, 30x20", Oil on LinenStella and Friend, 30x20", Oil on LinenFriendship (Portrait of Jenn and Karianne), 36x24", Oil on LinenChandler (Dad), 36x24", Oil on LinenJoani, 24x18", Oil on LinenCantadora, Keeper of Tales, 36x24", Oil on LinenSearching (Self Portrait), 24x18", Oil on LinenMuse's Muse, 30x20", Oil on LinenSpirits of Christmas Past, 18x24", Oil on LinenWHEN?, 30x20", Oil on LinenWhen?, 26x28", Oil on LinenLa Famiglia, 18x24", Oil on LinenSea Foam Crown, 24x18", Oil on LinenMy Kittens!  Sky, Cosmos and Yianni, 14x18", Oil on Linen