Still, 16x20Dancing Susans, 12x16Gifts of Spring II, 16x20Amalfi Dreams, 16x20Gifts of Spring III, 14x18Life (Sylvia's Bloom), 18x14", Oil on LinenBliss, 18x14", Oil on LinenBlankets I, 16x20Blankets II, 20x16Sunday Respite, 18x14Ebb, Montage, 12x16Winter's Glory, 12x16Winter's Light, 19x25", Oil on MasoniteRainbow Basin, 16x20Day's End, 18x24", Oil on LinenFree, 14x18Lost/Found, 20x24", Oil on LinenMeander, 22x28", Oil on LinenNowhere/Everywhere, 28x20", Oil on LinenAwake, 12x16Life Force, 5x7", Oil on Linen