Kelly Mellos
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Vision and Mission
Art is not a luxury, but an essential tool for seeking answers to life’s questions. Art explores the relationship between mankind and the world. It is my mission to participate in this process and to share this gift with others through the creation of unique portraits, figurative and landscape work as well as learning experiences.

Portrait Experience
Whether you are interested in creating a legacy, preserving a loved one in paint, or tapping into your own unique inner beauty, experiencing this creative process is deeply enriching. The portrait is not only a beautiful, one-of-a-kind work of art, but also a memory of this distinctive interaction between artist and subject.

Quality Craftsmanship, Uniqueness
All portraits are 100% archival...made with archival pigments, oils and mediums on archival linens and papers. Portraits can be passed down within a family for generations. Each portrait is an original, one-of-a-kind piece that will not be replicated in any form…as unique as the individual who was been painted.

The typical portrait process is to conduct an initial meeting to discuss considerations for the piece. Following the initial visit, a photo shoot/live sketching session of approximately three hours will be scheduled at a desired the studio, at the client's home or place of work, out of doors, etc. Ideas will be generated by the artist and brought to the client to review, via conceptual studies. Once the concept is agreed upon, the portrait takes a minimum of twelve weeks to complete, depending on the artist's schedule. (In special cases, I will consider working from an already existing photo. I am proud of my artistry in that I use the photo simply as reference, and not literally. Sometimes what makes a good photo does not make a good painting, as these are distinctly different art forms and should be treated as such.)

Portrait Commission Pricing


Oil paintings start at $2500 for a head and shoulders composition. Prices increase with the complexity of the piece (3/4 to full figure), as well as additional figures.*

Drawings start at $1000 for a head and shoulders composition. Prices increase with the complexity of the piece (3/4 to full figure), as well as additional figures.*

*A 50% deposit is required for all commissions; final payment is due upon approval of the piece. Tax, travel, framing, crating, & shipping fees are not included. 2% of all sales will be contributed to Hands of Peace.


I believe in the power of art to break down barriers, build trust and compassion, encourage risk-taking and teach creative thinking to audiences eager to reach their creative potential.  To view my TEDx San Diego 2017 talk, and a brief film of my work, please click below:

TEDx San Diego, 2017 (Talk from "The Age of Magic")

Kelly Mellos Short Film

My unique stage performance combines a live portrait painting demonstration with an art lecture and interactive inspirational exercises.  Attendees witness the creation of a portrait using classical principles in modern context.  Audiences of all backgrounds are engaged and united by an uncommon experience that is intellectual and inspiring, classical and contemporary, expansive and introspective.

For more information on commissioning a painting or drawing, creating a workshop or scheduling a studio visit, please contact Kelly Mellos at 619.917.9369 or