Kelly Mellos
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Artist Stmt./Bio

Kelly Mellos is an award-winning fine artist with a mission and a message. She uses the power of art to break down barriers, build trust and compassion, encourage risk-taking, celebrate interconnectedness and encourage audiences eager to reach their greatest creative potential.

Kelly’s work aims to reveal the life force of her subjects to viewers, aspiring to bring humanity closer together and to the planet. Her teaching encourages students to strive for this in their own lives and work, and her efforts with Hands of Peace and Rotary International focus on spreading this message globally.

A lifelong interest in, and obsession with the power of art has guided Kelly’s course. Kelly has been painting and drawing since early childhood, however, it was not until 2008 that she decided to leave her established business career to pursue her childhood passion. Art has now become her life’s work.

A commitment to artistic excellence, grounded in the representational art traditions of 19th century European Ateliers, is the foundation of Kelly’s work. Kelly’s portrait, figurative and landscape work has shown in national galleries and museums, as well as international exhibitions.

The creation of successful art involves not only the ability to see, but also the curiosity to observe and to attribute meaning from this observation.  It requires a deep sensitivity to paint both the unique beauty of the subject as well as to capture its universal essence, which is connected to the web of life.

It is my belief that great art goes beyond the surface and moves its viewers to a place of emotional and rational stimulation, to a place of wonder and reflection.   It is a process that human beings go through in an attempt to make sense of the world we live in… in a search for meaning and connected-ness.  It is an enriching journey worth taking and I am grateful every day to make this my life’s work.